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Where can you find high-quality custom curtains in UAE?

Get unique patterns from experienced curtain tailors

If you are looking to transform the look of your home, then you are at the right place. The Curtain co provides the most stylish customized curtains for homes to ensure privacy and protection while adding a touch of class to your space. Our curtain tailors combine different materials, textures, colors, and patterns to form different styles of curtains, which can better match different styles of interior design.

Why do you need curtain alternations Dubai?

You can alter your curtains if they do not suit your window specifications or if you wish to remodel them. We provide curtain alternations Dubai to best match your home decor. Our alternation services include shortening, lengthening, reducing the width, combining tw

o curtains into one, inserting lining, customizing curtains by adding new material, and other general repairs.

Why choose our curtain fixing services?

Because we care about our customers' satisfaction, so we provide a complete measuring and curtain fixing service. You may just sit back and enjoy the transformation of your house. Our installers will guarantee that the final look is clean, with all mechanisms operating smoothly and effectively, whether you choose free-hanging or the ideal fit.


Our skilled professionals can install your window covering curtains in several styles to suit your preferences. The Curtain Co professionals can create a modern and stylish curtain design for your room that will complement any décor.



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